News Workshop to Devise Factsheets and Pest Management Decision Guides (PMDGs) for Invasive Weeds

This workshop which took place in Nairobi, Kenya from 9th-12th February 2016 was organized by CABI (Center for Agriculture and Bioscience International) and it aimed to establish a list of priority weeds by the experts from Ethiopia, Kenya, Malawi, Tanzania, Uganda and Rwanda. 

Release date 18/02/2016
Contributor Samuel Nshutiyayesu
Geographical coverage Éthiopie, Kenya, Malawi

During the workshop, a list of priority weeds for each participating country was established, and the initial factsheet and PMDG drafts were validated and/or amended. Additional factsheets and PMDGs were also compiled for weeds not identified during the initial literature search.

For each country, specific management information was added, including herbicidal control. A total of 10 factsheets and PMDGs were developed, and these will be published after a validation process by peer reviewers.

A knowledge bank on factsheet and PMDGs can be accessed on Plantwise Knowledge Bank or by using a gadget application for android (Plantwise Factsheets Library) downlodable from google play.

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