News Police extends environmental campaign to Ngororero miners

Rwanda National Police (RNP)’s Environmental Protection Unit (EPU) on Thursday reached out to over 150 residents and miners of Ngororero Sector in Ngororero District and encouraged them to play a significant role in protecting their environment.

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Source The New Times of 6 December, 2015
Release date 23/12/2015
Contributor Lewis Mary Ndayisaba
Geographical coverage Ngororero district
Keywords Rwanda National Police, Environment

In his address to residents of Ngororero, the head of EPU, Chief Inspector of Police Corneille Murigo said: “Illegal mining sends toxicants to wells that feed River Nyabarongo and in the end the Nyabarongo Hydro Power Plant will not be in position to produce enough power.

If we are to mitigate effects of climate change, we need to come up with strategies of protecting our environment jointly; we can only achieve that by collectively planting trees, creating terraces and jealously protecting what is there, like forests”

One of the miners, François Ntabwoba, pointed out that issues related to environmental damages are mainly caused by illegal miners and pledged to collaborate with police in putting an end to illegal mining.

Launched in June this year, the Police’s EPU that operates under the Criminal Investigation Department, is mandated to protect the environment in all aspects, including air space, forestry and biodiversity, as well as the enforcement of different legal instruments.

The unit is in the process of ending a five-month countrywide sensitization on environmental protection and will soon move to conducting a systematic mapping of environmental crimes.

The unit is considered a major contributor to environmental protection as it comprises not only law enforcement but also participation in the preservation of environment through environmental education, practical interpretation of the environmental laws to citizens and engaging in the public environment management awareness process.

During the event, the Ngororero District Police Commander Superintendent of Police (SP) Marc Gasangwa also gave a lecture on crime prevention particularly human trafficking and drug abuse.

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