News National Seed Association of Rwanda officially launched

National Seed Association of Rwanda was launched with the aim of putting together all stakeholders in order to work togerther for ensuring easy access to quality seeds locally.

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Source Ministry of Agriculture (MINAGRI)
Release date 18/02/2016
Contributor Theogene Niyibigira
Geographical coverage All provinces of Rwanda,
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The Minister of Agriculture and Animal Resources, Dr Gerardine Mukeshimana, has officially launched National Seed Association of Rwanda (NSAR); an event marking an important step in the seed industry where the private sector will be getting involved in the development of the seed industry in this Country.  Officially registered last year, the association brings together seed traders, seed multipliers, agro dealers and institutions that develop plant varieties and avail quality seed to farmers. During the launch, Minister Mukeshimana noted that the Ministry of Agriculture appreciates the role to be played by the seed industry in ensuring that farmers improve productivity.  “We also recognize that availability and access to seed in desired quality and quantity, at the right place and time, and at the right price is paramount in achieving both household and national food security,” pointed out the Minister, adding that the government is committed to promote agricultural intensification; and to achieve yield growth rates of 4.5 - 5% per year. The Minister also appreciated the effort and roles played by the seed industry in promoting Agriculture and urged the industry players to seize the opportunities provided by regional integration to expand their operations across our borders in order to gain the resultant benefits.  “It is the desire of the government to promote local seed production to lower the cost to the farmer and if possible also export seed produced in Rwanda…I would further urge the private sector and the association to be inclusive and work with all stakeholders in the seed value chain,” said Minister Mukeshimana, adding that the government has the desire to move out of seed business and only provide the regulatory role. Innocent Namuhoranye, the NSAR Chairman, said that the association will keep working with different partners including the Government of Rwanda, NGOs, farmers, researchers, breeders, seed multipliers and traders to ensure easy access to quality seeds locally. 

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