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Source Institute of National Museums of Rwanda
Release date 22/04/2016
Contributor Djuma Nsanzimana

(Photo: Institute of National Museums of Rwanda)

Natural History Museum-Kigali

Also known as ‘Kandt House’ and located approximately 10 km from Kigali International Airport, the Museum is dedicated to Dr. Richard Kandt, a German doctor and explorer who embarked on an exploration of Rwanda in 1897, searching for the source of the Nile River. The Natural History Museum aims at explaining the richness of Rwanda's Nature. The museum showcases many specimens and replica of the natural wonders of the country.

The Museum of Environment

Taking the advantage of the proximity of the beauty of Lake Kivu, the museum has a roofed garden with traditional medicinal plants to encourage Rwandans to learn how to protect plants rather than cutting them for firewood only. The museum educates visitors on how they can cope with their environment, showing  the cultural use of traditional medicinal plants. Also note that All medicinal plants are within our communities, but people might not know how to use them and this is their chance to tour and learn how to use them,” he said.

The museum is expected to showcase different forms of energy produced in the area, the role played by energy in the changing environment and its impact.


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