Event Youth leadership and advocacy for sustainability workshop

Muhanga, 26-27 November 2014. World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) in collaboration with Rwanda Environment Management Authority (REMA) will hold a two day training workshop for youth organisations. This training is in line with the Rwanda 2010-2015 Education for Sustainable Development Strategy implementation. 

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Period [26/11/2014 - 27/11/2014]
Event location Institut Catholique de Kabgayi Muhanga District, Sourhern Province
Host Institut Catholique de Kabgayi
Contact person Yvette Ishimo
Email address: yishimo@wwfafrica.org
Phone: +250(0)788409299
Contributor Djuma Nsanzimana
Geographical coverage Rwanda
Keywords training, conservation leadership,

World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) Regional Office for Africa (ROA) through Rwanda Environment Management Authority (REMA) is implementing the Education for Sustainable Development- East Africa - Lake Victoria Catchment Environmental Education Programme (EA ESD/LVCEEP) in Rwanda.

The programme is working with schools, youth, communities and local leaders using Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) as a strategy to promote environmental conservation and sustainable livelihoods. The youth component of the programme focuses on building the capacity of the youth on conservation leadership, governance and advocacy for natural resources management. In addition, the youth are trained on business skills and entrepreneurship which help in turn to have an empowered and engaged  youth in sustainable income generating activities that have a link to conservation.

In line with the implementation of Rwanda Environmental Education for Sustainable Development Strategy and Action Plan (2010-2015), the programme will hold a training workshop for youth from Higher learning institutions and youth organisations. A training workshop will expose the participants to knowledge, skills and values that would enable them to address any sustainable development challenges in their respective contexts.

Objectives of the training                                  

The overall objective of this training workshop is to equip youth organisations and HLIs Environmental Clubs with leadership skills in EESD that would enable them to address local sustainable development challenges and to influence other youths in adjacent communities to undertake EESD initiatives and innovations.

Expected Outcomes of the training workshop

It is expected that training will have the following outcomes:

  • Improved skills and participation of youth organization and environmental clubs in EESD;
  • Enhanced integration of EESD issues into youth priorities and action plans;
  • Increased needs of undertaking research in environment, climate change and sustainability;
  • Equipped with skills to influence youth in adjacent communities in addressing sustainable development challenges in one’s context;

Target participants

This training workshop will bring together 40 members of environmental clubs from 20 Higher Learning Institutions and 5 youth members of youth organisation. The workshop will be facilitated by the University lecturers involved in  in ESD, WWF and REMA staff. 

Note that invitations have been already sent to participants. 

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