Event Wetland for livelihood Forum

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Period [08/07/2013 - 12/07/2013]
Event location Umubano Hotel, Kigali Umuganda Avenue, Kacyiru South
Host Rwanda Environment Management Authority and UNESCO Institute for Water Education
See the agenda http://www.unesco-ihe.org/Wetlands/Proposed-Programme
Event URL http://www.unesco-ihe.org/Wetlands
Contact person Prof. Ken Irvine
Email address: k.irvine@unesco-ihe.or
Contributor Djuma Nsanzimana
Geographical coverage Rwanda
Keywords Wetland, livelihood

UNESCO-IHE and Rwandan Environmental Management Authority (REMA), will host, with international and regional partners, a Forum on Wetlands for Livelihoods, linking policy makers, regional stakeholders and researchers. The Forum will provide an important and strategic opportunity for stimulating research, capacity building and policy for wetland management across the Nile Basin and further afield. Building on the Ramsar Convention’s Wise use of Wetlands, there is a need for more inclusive and ambitious policies and actions to support wetlands and the livelihoods that depend on them.

The Forum will explore new perspectives for better wetland management in the face of human needs for development, food and water security. It aims to provide solutions to ongoing pressures to wetlands, through identifying the means for more comprehensive implementation of existing polices there to safeguard the services that wetlands provide, and improved understanding of the links with multi-sectoral interests and local livelihoods.

The forum sets out to provide better understanding of wetland services, and links with policies and communication for wetland management. Output of the Forum will include new communication strategies, policy briefs, research plans and capacity building for wetlands.

Wetlands support diverse livelihoods, rich biodiversity and provide ecosystem services that support sustainable water supply, flood alleviation and mitigation to climate change. Despite their recognised importance, illustrated by 163 national and regional signatories to the Ramsar Convention, wetland loss and degradation is an ongoing problem in many parts of the world.

The economic drivers and complexities of policy implementation that lead to human impact on wetlands are well known, but finding solutions to better integration of knowledge, policy and action for sustainable and wise use of wetlands remains a major challenge. To meet those challenges the Rwanda Environmental Management Authority, in partnership with the Ramsar Secretariat, UNESCO Institute for Water Education and Wageningen University, will host a major international forum on Wetlands: Wise Use, Smart Plans in Kigali, Rwanda, 8-12th July 2013.